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Professional Coaching
for Entrepreneurs

to Free Your Mind.

Marco Sander, Psychologist

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Alexandre Schwartz,
California, IT Business Owner

"Marco was always able and ready to adjust or completely pivot the subject I'd like to discuss, there was no cookie cutter discussion or "program" to be followed. Having someone completely outside of your environment gives you a lot of freedom to discuss anything with complete openness and a different perspective.

Running a business is hard, dealing with clients, expectations, reputation, and everything in between, Marco truly helped me deal with anxiety, boundaries, and difficult conversations, I cannot recommend him enough!"

Laurent Lemaire.jpeg

Laurent Lemaire,
Belgium, Co-Founder of SimpleBackups

"Marco helped me, over the first few sessions, to find clarity on my business and overall professional life. 

He also acted as a "wingman" to follow up on habit creation which ended up working very well.

Having someone to openly talk to, to confront problems in a structured way, really helps, and I´m glad I met Marco!"

Roman Safronov.jpeg

Roman Safronov,
Germany, Co-Founder of Pfotendoctor

"Since I had no prior experience with coaching services and was generally rather closed-minded about them, the initial introduction left me positively stirred - it's incredible what the "right" questions can achieve. I am now entering both my professional and personal life with more strength and less stress as a result of the answers we've generated. The investment made was one of the best decisions for my mental health. I wholeheartedly recommend the collaboration with Marco and have already done so within my close circle!"

Islam Essam.jpeg

Islam Essam,
France, Entrepreneur

"I am very happy by the impact that Marco has had on my life. Not only did Marco help me become more present and understand myself better, but he also provided unwavering support between sessions. Marco's dedication to helping people improve their lives is truly inspiring and I cannot recommend him enough."

Igor Zalutski.jpeg

Igor Zalutski,
UK, CEO of

"I didn't even know what my problem was but my business had problems. My productivity was low, I was pretty close to depression and nothing really worked. Marco asked some pretty profound questions and after 1 week working together we got more customers than the previous 2 months. On top of that I felt better, I felt energized and I felt like a different "me" long after working together with Marco."

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Salma Rashwan,
Egypt, UX Designer

“My experience with Marco is highly rewarding. I started doing sessions with Marco a year ago, and I'm looking forward to continuing. A year ago, I was lost and my life felt meaningless. Marco helped me to dig deeper and find a life purpose through self-discovery. It wasn't always comfortable but it was totally worth the effort. Nowadays, I wake up looking forward to the coming days, seeing the meaning behind every moment. Marco listens carefully, analyses thoughtfully, and can understand very well the psychology behind each situation."


People often say to me:
I know I am capable of more but...

  • I´m struggling with a mental barrier.

  • I´m overwhelmed and stressed.

  • I´m unclear about my next steps.


Apply for a free call with me,
to see how working together looks like 

Natanael Stancioi.jpeg

Natanael Stancioi,
UK, Entrepreneur

“Marco is a great coach. Right from the start I could tell he is an honest man, passionate and invested in what he is doing. He helped me clear up and focus my approaches to my business and helped me organize my day better. Being new to the entrepreneurship scene I feel overwhelmed quite often and Marco offered me some very good insights in how to deal with this. Overall a very good experience and I would very much recommend working with him.” 

Florian Lapiz.jpeg

Florian L., Germany,
Recruitment Agency Owner

"Particularly valuable was the cultivation of greater inner peace and strengthened self-confidence. These personal advancements directly impacted my business actions positively. Marco's expert guidance helped me pursue my goals more efficiently and elevate my entrepreneurship to a new level.

I recommend Marco's coaching to anyone looking to enhance their skills as an entrepreneur while experiencing personal growth. Marco's approach is professional, empathetic, and goal-oriented."

Stefan Hampel.png

Stefan Hampel,
Germany, Entrepreneur

“Marco helped me uncover some deep-rooted patterns that I've collected from a young age that were hindering my progress as an entrepreneur. I felt stuck and couldn’t fully grasp why. Marco helped me see more clearly and gave me effective tools to deal with my issues. His very empathetic nature and his way of asking the right questions to uncover the truth behind your thought patterns are outstanding. If you want to grow as an entrepreneur and as a person, I wholeheartedly recommend working with him.” 

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About Me

I am a German Psychologist and
have coached
500+ people worldwide.

The combination of Business and Psychology fascinates me and therefore, I developed the passion to specifically coach Entrepreneurs.
Next to the 1-on-1 coaching I started a YouTube-Channel that reached
70.000+ subscribers.

Fast Facts:
2000+ days of daily meditation
- 40+ countries travelled, lived in 4
published book

About me



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